Out with the old, in with the new.

image2014 was the worst year physically for me and pretty high up on the list of worst years emotionally.
I found inner strength I never know I had, I faced physical pain, I never thought I could feel.
I faced a year of heartache and tears, that I never wanted to feel and still I’m here deeply in love with the man of my dreams, my soul mate. (Note to myself, ” God damn get over him)
I found truth in my family and a love that I never thought I would ever have from them. I lost a lot of friends through being ill but I learnt who really cares.
But I made a few new ones to.
I guess from most negatives there is a positive in there somewhere.

So 2015 is now here, it’s a new day, pretty much the same as every day, but it’s a day of hope for many.
A day that we all set aside to better ourselves.
A day of new beginnings.
To me though it’s just enough day, where I pull strength from deep within, to smile through the pain, to try and have hope in my heart.
A day to be strong, like every other day in my life.
I really do hope though that you all have a wonderful year, that your dreams come true and you are happy.
Happy New Year !


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