Devastating times

imageLife is so unfair
The last two days have been devastating to say the least.
We found out yesterday that my grandad only has days to live.
I only saw him on Sunday for his birthday (93 not bad innings)
If I’m honest with you he is the most stubborn pig-headed man I know, moody, grumpy but I love him all the same.
We have a strange relationship because I’m everything that he is against.
Not married with a child is a no go in his eyes and lately I’ve had pleaser in winding up the old moaner because of it.
You can always see that playful smile hiding behind the cold front.
No matter our past and his old fashion views, we have had a few laughs of late and he has won me over.
I can’t believe how fast he has gone down hill.
Today I said my goodbyes to him, tears rolling down my face.
I guess now all I can do is be thankful I made my peace with him.
On arriving home my phone rings and I hear a voice that I have not heard for years.
Her voice was broken and through the sobbing I heard the heartbreaking news that one of my life time best friend had died.
I’m in total shock, only 3 weeks ago I had a call to say She had had a baby girl, now Becky will never see her grow up.
I’m in total shock and I’m devastated.
Becky and I were joined at the hip.
We caused mayhem to out parents in our teens.
She was a beautiful soul, inside and out and she always had a smile.
I can’t believe I will never get to see her again.
The world has lost one of its greatest.
I’m gutted totally gutted.
I can’t believe I have to watch 3 people get laid to rest in the coming weeks.
I don’t know how I am going to get through them.
I’m just praying now that my bloods don’t get any worse (bad results yesterday) and that I can travel up to Bec’s.
2015 isn’t looking to rosie right now and I just wish I could have him with me to hold my hand and make the world right again :,-(