What many people don’t understand is

imageIt’s amazing how our eyes and brain can play tricks on ourselves but, it is also shocking how the majority of people see something or think something and instantly take it to be true.

What many people don’t understand is, that there is always more than one way of seeing things.
Nevertheless, our eyes or thoughts (judgement) always seem to win this game.
Our eyes and mind are so sly in that they can deceive us from seeing the whole truth.
We should all open our hearts, breath and take time to listen.
If we all took that time to not judge the way we all do, this world could be a much nicer place and maybe just maybe there wouldn’t be as many broken hearts.


Two options…….

imageAt times we face hurdles in life. By ‘hurdles’, I mean problems.
Every day, everyone has a problems, big or small, which land in front of them, that’s life I guess, but it’s the way we deal with them is what matters.

You can choose to face the challenge or bury it deep inside you.

These two options can affect you more than you will ever understand.
If you opt for the challenge, you are accepting to get over them, whether it’s with ease or struggle.
The struggle can give you no end of tears, make you angry or destroy a part of you but you gain inner strength and you hold onto hope that you don’t want to give up on.
What is life without hope.

If you decide to hide from it, you are letting the problem in front of you, defeat your inner strength. You’re letting your problems grow and you are stopping yourself from facing up to the emotions that need to be dealt with.
You are slowly destroying a part of your soul.

I don’t know which way you should deal with these as I have for years, hidden problems and emotions so deep that they haunt my dreams. I can not escape them, no matter how hard I try.
But facing them will be a painful ride which at present I don’t think I have the strength to face.

Maybe one day I will find the answers but it’s a fight between my head and my heart.
And as I believe that the heart knows best, it’s kinda hard to challenge it.
I guess my emotions are my strongest asset but they are also my weakness.