New blog 😢

imageSo here you are on my new blog.
I know, I know, it’s not looking great but I’m working on it. Hopefully it will look better soon. (As soon as I have the time to make it)

So I’m guessing my domain etc ran out, and I have no way of doing anything to get it back as its in my ex’s name.
If I’m truthful, I’m devastated that I can’t keep it.
I don’t mind paying, but no idea how I go about that, when he wont talk to me.
Thankfully though I back up every now again so I think I have it all back apart from photos and images.

Anyway, Ice Maiden Diaries has a new address

But that comes with a huge kick in the teeth, tears and heartbreak.

I remember the day clearly that he made it for me.
I was so over the moon, we have brain stormed together for a name, picked a theme and then I watched him work his magic.
Got to say it was one of my favourite memories.
It meant the world to me, it really did.

I guess I just have to try and keep those memories alive in this blog.

I hope you will still keep reading and look past the rubbish thrown together site.
It’s what’s written that important at the end of the day ( will have to keep reminding myself of that)

Much love, Rose x


Looking back.

imageLooking back to one of my first blogs I wrote, when I was truly happy.
Will I ever be this happy again???

In the corner of my mind and deep with in my soul, I live in a beautiful world filled with love, sweetness and butterflies.
Everything is wonderfully light and magical.
I think they call this LOVE.
And I find this is true for I, this small town girl, am in love with my knight, my hero, my soul re connected.
The feeling sends me floating in the breeze to where I feel tenderness, warmth and passion.
No single word including love will ever take on the meaning of the feelings that this small town boy has given me.
As we float and our life’s unfold together into new beginnings, of hope, love and fairytale endings, maybe your floating to and can share in our quest to find our happy ever after.
And while we live in heaven right now, its not always been this simple, we have fought many battles, slayed dragons, and battled many demons, but one thing is for sure the fight is worth while and as we dance on rainbows and take in the beauty of this feeling, my love grows ever so stronger and I am winning the battle.