A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.

625487_396524600411951_1035702504_nThere is something wonderful about looking through your camera and capturing a moment in time, a feeling or just something pretty.
To me, a photograph can speak a thousand words, it can make your imagination run wild but it can also make the most boring, most simple thing capture your mind.

When I hold a camera in my hand, I see things so much clearly, the world becomes beautiful again and life just seems some how different.

I guess I come to peace with the beauty around me and my mind’s eye starts to sore to new levels.
I can’t and I wont say I am the best photographer in the world. Can any of us?
I haven’t captured my all time best photo, because if I had, than why would I even bother to pick up a camera again.
I truly believe that we will never capture that perfect moment, that perfect photo because you have to always push yourself to do better.

Any way that being said, I wanted to share a few pic’s with you, some I have taken on my camera and others on my phone.
sadly I have backed up all my good photos on my hard drive, which has given up the ghost and I can’t get to them, gutted, all those memories have gone.
I guess it’s time to make happier ones, isn’t that what life is all about, making memories, living life to the full.
I do not know what my future is or even how long I have left to make those memories, as my health is not looking rosie but I’m determined to change things around and make the most of life as I know it.

So here goes, here’s a few snap shots for you to either love, like, hate, or criticize, what ever your views, they are yours and yours alone, I fully understand, that a photo will be loved by some and hated by many.
It’s art after all.
Our tastes are different and that’s a great thing.