Love changes everything ❤️

imageLove changes everything
It changes the way you look at the world,
It changes every inch of your soul,
It changes the smell in the air.
It changes everyone and everything around you.
It consumes you slowly taken over not just your heart but you body to.
Love really does make the world spin.
Be it either to the darkest place unknown to the human eye or the most beautiful breathtaking place also never seen by the human eye.
Love really is the most powerful emotion, bond and being known.
Love is the life only seen by the heart.


Bring these possibilities to life.

Not every event in your life is your fault, but they are all your responsibility.
A combination of your decisions and external factors for which you had no control brought you to where you are in the world today.
Negatively blaming someone else, or some other past circumstance, will change nothing. Positively taking full responsibility for your situation and your path forward can change everything. In this moment is every possibility you seek.
Take responsibility for it, and bring these possibilities to life.