Forever make me smile

imageI will always wear a smile in my heart, Because it’s the depth of our love that matters.
That one and only love that nothing will ever match, no other will ever come close.
Nothing can or will ever compare.
Our love was truly one in a trillion.

And even though I only had it for a short while, you loved me once.
And that will forever make me smile.


What’s the secret..?

imagePeople and dreams..Inspiration and creativity..
What a combination of life…What’s the secret..?

A hidden treasure that nobody will find..!

Recognise the difference between things you need and things you want. Our culture bombards us with messages about material things that will make our lives better.
The reality is that most of these things will clutter our lives without bringing true happiness. Free yourself from the culture of excess and learn to be content with fewer possessions and greater simplicity.
If you spend your life playing out a role that society or someone else defines, you’re missing out on the chance to follow your own desires. Your inner life is diminished when you are limited by conformity.

Why give up your freedom and allow all of your decisions to be defined by what you think you “should” do? Become a non-conformist and think for yourself, letting your passions be your guide.