This is it

imageSimple and complicated…
Change or stay…
Escape or find the true happiness…
The pleasure of simple things…This is it…!

No matter how much we plan, we can never predict what future will bring. Trying to exercise too much control can just lead to frustration, in addition to frustrating the people around you.

Since you never know what the future will bring, it’s futile to try to control events. Instead of attempting to control the outcome of events, learn to relax and enjoy the journey. Letting go of the need to control will give you more freedom to live in the moment. By planning less, you’ll be more open to unforeseen opportunities that come your way.
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have goals, but that your focus shifts from the ends to the means.
Because life is forever changing and evolving, and you are evolving along with it, you will never reach a point of perfect simplicity and endless happiness. (Ok, maybe for a short time, I had it once 😢)
But each moment you spend on the path to simplicity does have the potential to bring more serenity and happiness into your life.


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