Silly me

imageSo it’s been a long day, one that has me wrapped in a blanket with one and deep purple hands, cold sweats, pain and brain fuss.
I hate days like these, I should say nights to.
I made a huge mistake of forgetting to take my medicines last night and boy didn’t I learn the hard way.
One mistake I will not make again.

It’s so strange, I feel rough everyday, totally exhausted and in pain but my god, last night was an eye opener.
I really had started to believe that my meds didn’t work, that when the sun shines a slight relief comes.
Me being me though I always battle against it, I do what I can, until I fall into bed where I fight the night sweats, the nightmares and the tossing and turning, 4 hours sleep seems to be my max but it pulls me through.
Last night was horrific and today followed suit.
Maybe the constant rain hasn’t helped but I know I am fully to blame for feeling like this.
Those of you that know me know I don’t often moan at how I feel, or let on how bad the bad days are.
But my thinking here is that if shame myself in front of you all, I may never forget the take my meds again, because I know the back lash I am going to get from you all.
After my post this morning I have to find a silver lining to today.

Sofa days rules ( they don’t happen enough in our home)


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