imageThrough every life experience, especially those that force you to look fear and adversity in the face, you will gain strength, courage and confidence.
Stop when you must, take a deep breath…Make a pact with yourself and do the thing you once thought you couldn’t do.
Take another step, even when you feel too worn out or tired.
Find a reason to laugh even when you’re trying not to cry.
Trust yourself, even when your mind second-guesses your heart.
Dance, even when others refuse to hear the music.
Dream, even if you’re afraid of what they might bring.
Open the door of opportunity in front of you, even when you have no idea what’s behind it.
Every step and experience is what makes you the person you are now. Without this experience, you are an empty page, a blank journal, an unsung lyric.
What makes you alive is your willingness to live through today’s challenges and then hold your head up high tomorrow with hope and tenacity.


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