Maybe just maybe

imageAfter a rather nasty tip to the hospital this morning, I am really beginning to believe that everything happens for a reason.
And although that sucks right now and I don’t understand or even begin to understand why life is playing me this card, I think that maybe everything that has happened has been a part to play in this and my future/my life.
And even though I am a million miles away from where my heart and soul wants me to be, I kinda believe that it’s a road I have to travel with all the heartache and sorrow.
I wouldn’t want to have to watch anyone that cares or once cared for me, see, feel or live this road with me.
It is so hard to see the pain in the eyes of my family and friends when I get bad blood results, when I’m having a bad day or I’m to sick to manage a normal life.
Maybe that’s why my blissfully happy life turned so sorrowful.
And even though I wish I could have his shoulder to lean on, his hand to hold and just get lost in his eyes, I wouldn’t want to watch him live through this with me, so yes maybe just maybe, this all happened for a reason.


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