Smooth ride

imageLife isn’t always a smooth ride.
It’s easy to stumble and fall and hurt yourself. But these bumps and bruises are a necessary part of your fall down, you learn something, and then you brush yourself off and move forward.
The problem is, sometimes you fall and get stuck in one place for too long. You find yourself spinning and unable to move like tires clenched in mud.
This happens when you feel unsure of yourself, or your life as you know it, turns into darkness. You get spiritually lost, bound by your perceptions and stuck deep in a pothole of miserable thinking.
If you’re thinking exactly like everyone else, then you aren’t thinking. And the real trouble is if you don’t spend your life your way, other people will spend it their way.
Freedom lies in being bold. Use your head to listen to your soul.
Find the path that best suits your calling and don’t settle until you’ve found it. There’s no rush; life is a continuous journey.
As you cut your own path, be honest about who you are. If others don’t want to listen to you, let them fool themselves. It means they aren’t really concerned with who you truly are in the first place. They’ll likely continue to characterize you incorrectly no matter what you say or prove.