imageIf you feel like you’re at the end the road with nowhere to go, realize you are lying to yourself.
You have imprisoned yourself in your own mind by telling self-defeating stories.. stories about what you should have already accomplished, and so forth. Doing this creats a tiny space in your mind and you’ve begun to believe you are actually living in it. But you are not.
You are alive in a vast world with infinite destinations.
Take a moment to remind yourself of this.
Go outside. Look at the sky and the clouds.
This is the space in which you really live.
Breathe it in.
Then look at your current situation again.
Life can offer you a second chance .. it’s called tomorrow. But this second chance doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t learned from the events of today. You have to acknowledge your troubles but gather strength from them, and laugh at your mistakes but learn from them.
Getting a second chance in life is about giving yourself the opportunity to grow. It’s about learning as you go and positively adjusting your attitude and efforts toward future possibilities.


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