All the tomorrow’s

imageThe clock is ticking, the hands of time are against us.
Fate may no longer be on our side.
The only certainty in life is catching up with us. Death will come to us all.
But is it a blessing ?
What is it we fear so greatly ?
Is it the way we may die or the pain of leaving our loved ones.
Personally my self I fear both.
Leaving our loved ones behind to pick up the pieces and to re-build their lives with the hole you have left behind.

The only peace I get from knowing that we will all leave this life, is that, hopefully we will soon have a window seat from the heavens above and we can still be with our loved one, watching them hopefully living out their dreams.
And the thought of rejoining the people we lost to heaven, makes death seem a little less painful.

That’s a question in itself.
Is there a heaven and hell ?
Are we in purgatory ?
Do we have to prove ourselves in this life time to move on to a better life ?
Will we float around on clouds ?
I guess the only way to answer this is to move on from this life and discover what follows.
But right now, those answers can wait because I’m happy just living and death can keep chasing, because one thing is for sure, he is not taking me down without a fight.


One response to “All the tomorrow’s

  1. You could call this place of life your purgatory or your trial place. It is here , now, that you have to make it. Once you die it is finished and you will not be able to do anything and you shall return to dust.


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