Capturing time, life, heart and soul

I love that I know how to capture a good photo after many years of being a photographer.
The buzz of having an idea in your mind and bringing that to life is such an incredible feeling.
When you see that image and know that you captured that moment, that memory, that feeling.
It can sometimes be over whelming.
To me a photograph specks a million words.
From sadness to joy.
Really there is nothing more powerful than capturing time, life, heart and soul with a click of a button.

That is why it is so sad that while I know I can capture that it’s hard just to take a snap shot.

Gone are the days were I and other photographers can just point and shoot, really capturing a moment.
I so wish it was that simple.

I really noticed this on a day out with friends, one being a photographer friend.
I stepped back as I often do and just watch the people I’m with.
Seeing their facial expressions, their pure soul as they get lost in a moment.
And I’m slowly teaching myself to reach for my phone and snap away.

Watching Al with his pro camera to watching Sam with her phone. The difference in how they capture that moment in time is incredible.
Al would spend 10 minutes plus getting the lighting, the shadows, the angle right and then the moment has gone, or the subject moves just before he taps the button.
Ok the photos he did get are amazing but the missed opportunities are lost forever.
While Sam’s photos are not professional, but they hold something rather inviting, they hold something so special that you can never replace.
Ok the lighting isn’t right always, feet may be missing, or a shadow may linger over a subject but time, love, adventure, life has been caught at a single click.

So which ones are the best photographs?

To me that’s an easy answer!
The snap shoot wins hands down. (Sorry Al)

Sadly when you are trained to get it right, the pleasure, the freedom, the joy is taken away.
The passion isn’t tho.
It takes great skill to be able to deliver that perfect photo. Shame though that part of the memory making progress disappears.

No matter what style, knowledge, passion, determination you have, never stop capturing those memories, as some point in your life, memories will be all you have left.

Make every snap shot count.


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