Am I the only one

imageI’m I the only one whose life seems to be one great big Groundhog Day?

It seems to me that every day it’s just the same old thing, the same old routines, the same dullness. Every day seems to get longer but the days of the week fly by.

Every morning is a challenge to get motivated.
Is this because it all the shit old sh** but a different day?

From school runs, trips to the hospital to have bloods, or consultant appointments, same old house work, over and over and over again. Work (yeah I work it’s just from home that’s all.)
Cooking and more cleaning, it never seems to end.

I may as well be on repeat.

When it comes down to it I’m just bored of the constant cleaning and for what, to have to do it all again tomorrow.
I wish my brain was wired differently so that I could just sit and do nothing.
But deep down I knowing my worst enemy, because if I let myself just sit for a while my emotions will take over and I will allow myself to feel.
I’m not sure what’s worse…….Groundhog day or letting my heart fill with all the feelings I try so hard not to feel.