Pulling the power back

imageLife is about dealing with the question marks and making the best of them without any guarantees for what’s going to happen next. Nobody on Earth knows how things will turn out for you, which is why you have to press forward every day on the heels of your intuition and passion.
If you give your all, sometimes amazing things can happen, but they’ll rarely be precisely what you had expected.
You have an immeasurable power within yourself to make positive changes in your life. When something is troubling you, don’t ignore it.. make a commitment to change it. Don’t sit around in awe of how unhappy you are and at how unfairly life is treating you. Instead, write it out, cry it out, shout it out and then try to change it, you’ll be amazed at how swiftly and effectively you can do something to lift yourself from falling into the darkest hole, you can talk yourself out of that low moment, the crippling pain what has hold of you and you can find those tiny stepping-stones that will help lead the way to a healthier more positive line of thought. (Trust me it’s far, far from easy, but with determination you can begin to see a flicker of a light.)

When the world feels like it’s crumbling down around you, that’s a valuable signal. It’s your heart’s way of telling you that the darkness is creeping in on you. You need to hold on tight and fight with all you might to hold on and to believe in yourself.
It won’t be easy and it won’t always work. But when it does the knowing that you pulled yourself back is a pretty incredible feeling.

Personally there are emotionally, feelings that no matter how hard I try, no matter how high I build the walls around my heart, that sadness, that devastation, that darkness wins hands down every time and even when I allow myself to admit I can’t change what my heart and soul wants, needs and loves, I have to focus on ways just to keep holding on so the pain doesn’t consume me.
I guess that’s why I try so hard to see the light, the positive in other areas of my life. At least I have some control.
In doing so I stay grounded and try to put into action the positives in life. I’m pulling the power back and somehow living on through the darkness. I guess this way I’m kinda winning.


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