“A risk I am happy to take.”

imageA little while ago I wrote a post about my little cousin and how proud I am of him.
For those who don’t know him, he has always been a little toerag, but over the last year or so he has upped his game and now he is a delight, a gentleman in the making.
He has come so far, he smashed his GCSEs, became prom king, and got in to two awesome courses at college with no resits. 😃
During the summer, his heart got broken by the girl he totally adored and if I’m honest she has scarred him more than she will ever know.
He moved all the way from his home town Brighton and moved in with me so he could go to the college he wanted.
He is studying computer science and design and public service. I really couldn’t be more proud than I am of him.
His aim is to join the marines or the army and later work in intelligence.
He is doing so well and has been asked to sign up now which is a massive achievement.

This week he has spent the week with the army as part of his course and he is having a blast but more importantly he is having fun doing what he loves and impressing the team he is working with.
I’m so proud but there is a part of me that is scared to death.
With all the hate in the world at the moment, the wars, the bombing, the hated Isis doing their worst, I can’t help but to be tariffed about him.
We have sat for hours talking about what it means to join our services and that without a dealt he will have to take a life but more so that he could lose his.
His reply was,
“If my life is taken from me while I help our country rule out the evil that takes innocent life’s, then it is a risk I am happy to take.”

How can someone so young have so much compassion for others, that alone fills me with pride.


SPECIAL REQUEST: When filling out your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address:
A Recovering Soldier,
c/o Queen Elizabeth Hospital,
Mindelsohn Way,
B15 2WB.


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