Flashback Friday

imageFlashing back to New Year’s Day 2015.
I can still feel very emotion, every tear and every smile.
Boy it’s been a rocky few years.
High hopes that this year will be better for us all.

Out with the old, in with the new.


2014 was the worst year physically for me and pretty high up on the list of worst years emotionally.
I found inner strength I never know I had, I faced physical pain, I never thought I could feel.
I faced a year of heartache and tears, that I never wanted to feel and still I’m here deeply in love with the man of my dreams, my soul mate. (Note to myself, ” God damn get over him)
I found truth in my family and a love that I never thought I would ever have from them. I lost a lot of friends through being ill but I learnt who really cares.
But I made a few new ones to.
I guess from most negatives there is a positive in there somewhere.

So 2015 is now here, it’s a new day, pretty much the same as every day, but it’s a day of hope for many.
A day that we all set aside to better ourselves.
A day of new beginnings.
To me though it’s just enough day, where I pull strength from deep within, to smile through the pain, to try to have hope in my heart.
A day to be strong, like every other day in my life.
I really do hope though that you all have a wonderful year, that your dreams come true and you are happy.
Happy New Year !


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