It’s been awhile

imageIt’s been awhile since I blogged about what’s going on in my own life so here goes nothing.

With-out getting into too much detail, venesection is still happening every day if not then a it’s every other day, along with the odd bag of bone marrow. This takes up hours and hours of my time, along with the endless consultant appointments, I must say though, I have some really nice, caring consultants which makes it so much easier.
With all that out the way, I still have a job to do, which I seem to get done in the evenings when all is kinda peaceful at home and Marly-Kate is snug in her bed.
After house work and normal every day tasks, there is not much time left to find me time.
Somehow I manage to fit it in and I love this part of my day.
The time to learn and create.
I have taught myself to crochet, with the help from Bella Coco, a very talented and passionate lady whom I follow on her blog and her YouTube channel.

When I first started to try and learn, I just couldn’t get it, it just wouldn’t sink in, until I came across her YouTube channel –

Somehow it just clicked and now I’m a few blankets heavier, Marly-Kate has a growing teddy collection and friends and family have more hats and scarfs then they know what to do with.
I love making/creating things, it clears my head of all my random thoughts and pulls a calm over me. But the best part is, I get to make nice things, as gifts or just to snuggle under on the wintry evenings.
At the moment I am working on the hardest project to date and boy I have to really think about what I’m doing, I’m testing my limits all the time, and learning on top of that. It really is a joy as it helps me from breaking down and letting my heartbreak take over my life.
The worst thing about it, is I have a growing love for yarn/wool.
It’s my new addiction, I have so much wool, I don’t think I could ever in a month of Sunday’s get through it, yet I still buy more and more, the colours are just so pretty, lol. šŸ˜ƒ
At this present time I have 3 maybe 4 projects on the go (I get bored just doing one, I need to do it this way because I don’t always have the time to sit and concentrate on the harder projects, to have an easier project that I can pick up when I have five minutes is great)

As you may be aware I brought a project of a house last year, a mistake maybe as it needs so much work and there is never enough hours in the day, week or month.
But I’m slowly getting there.
The garden is half way there, bad weather has stopped play šŸ˜•
My front room is almost there, just waiting on trades to come and fit the log burner and for a storage cupboard to be made, which hopefully will look like part of the wall.
Also my handmade table has to be made, which I think will be a long wait.
Marley-Kate’s room is done apart from a desk which will also be hand-made.
The rest of the rooms are finished in my head but that’s where they have to stay for the minute, I just can’t do it all at once.
I will admit that I have brought everything ready, for the rooms not including kitchen and bathroom as these are huge jobs.
All paint, bedding, blinds, curtains, and other bits and bobs are sat there waiting to be made into something that will hopefully bring comfort, calm and homeliness.
My office/craft room is kinda getting there, just need to buy a few more things and finish the homely touches, for now though, it’s a dumping ground for wood, ready for other projects.

Is the end in sight ?
No, far from it but it’s all good, it keeps me busy.
Just don’t tell my doctors, as meant to be resting as much as I can but life just gets in the way.šŸ˜
I think I have bored you enough for one day so I will stop rambling and bid you good day.
Have a good one peeps.
Smile ,laugh, be positive, be happy šŸ˜ƒ


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