A little wobble

So I’ve had a few days off from hospital visits due to my veins collapsing, bruising and the venesection is just not working.
It has been bliss, and even though I haven’t felt great I managed to go out and spend a few hours with family and friends, which was pleasantly nice, exhausting but I’m glad I went, although yesterday was a wash out and I spent a lot of time sat falling in and out of sleep.
Tomorrow I start back at the hospital and I am terrified to say the least.
The thought of being stabbed with needles, pulled around and made to drink jugs and jugs of water, which I would say is the worst part. I really do not like water, it makes me gag.
I know I’m being silly, it’s a simple process which mainly is pain-free so I shouldn’t be scared in the slightest but I truly am.
I know I will be fine, but the thought is just too much right now.
I need to snap out of this frame of mind, I’m being so stupid, I know I am.
Fear is one mofo of an emotion, I do not like it.