Teenagers, don’t you just love um

Teenagers don’t you just love um!!!!

I was thrown in the deep end when my baby cousin moved in with me back in the summer.
He’s a delight most of the time, he makes me laugh, he looks after Marly-Kate if I’m stuck at the hospital, he cooks every once in a blue moon and he’s company. He reminds me to take my meds and if I’m having a bad day he plays with Marly, either gaming which they both love or a good old kick around in the fields. He most of the time is a pleasure and I mostly don’t get why all parents say the teen years are hell.
Until now……..
Gee that boy has a temper, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and boy don’t I know it. From a mouthful of abuse, too slamming doors and a look that could kill.
All because I offered to lend him some money to fix his motorbike.
He sees no reason, when I try to explain that he will regret cashing in his beloved ps4, which he plays on everyday and loves. ( I think his thinking is, I can use MK’s, nope that is not happening)
The money he has been offered, is hardly anything and his mum will not be happy, I know how hard she saved to buy it for him.
I just don’t get why he won’t take the money from me, I don’t care when he pays me back as long as his bike is safe and I know he will return home in one piece.
Stubbornness is in true form today. I’m shocked at the way he has handled this situation, pig-headed is an understatement.
If he really wants to cash it in, not much I can do, I’ve tried to get him to see reason but what more can I do, I definitely do not want to phone his mum and grass on him, his bags would be packed so fast, his toes wouldn’t touch the floor. I don’t want that for him.
So now I’m stuck in the middle of a stupid argument that isn’t worth anyone’s time and I don’t really know what to do.
I know for sure I will not be picking up his smelly socks from off his bedroom floor and I won’t be cleaning up after him until he can say the simple words, “Rose, I’m sorry I spoke to you that way”
I know he’s a good kid and while his spitting blood through his God damn awful mood, I have to remember that.


Flashback Friday

Rewinding back to two year ago, and even though it’s a short one, it couldn’t be more real even today.


Now I need you the most you are so far away.
I just need to hear your voice telling me everything will be okay.

I’m also rewinding back to a year ago today, just because this post is kinda special to me.
Your see why when you read below.
The song “without you” is just amazing, can’t believe it was written for me, about my heart break and love I will always have for Ross.
Not a day goes by, that my heart doesn’t ache and break a little more. God I miss him and somehow love him more each day. Wish I could just wake up and snap out of it.
So anyway, here you go, my second flashback of the day.

At times we all feel lost.
Finding a way to cope with that is a tricky one.
Music has always been a way for me to cope with my emotions.
It lifts my mood, from tears to smiles or even smiles to tears.

My friend Dan from FirstNamesMusic has been my salvation for a while now.
His music, always hits the spot.
I don’t know what it is but his voice, his lyrics and his kind nature seems to calm me.

Dan has been busy, doing what he loves, creating music.
And I would love to share it with you.

I’m sure we all can picture a time in our life’s that we have felt every lyric.
That is why his music touches my soul more than others.

I have to share one of my favourites with you.
Dan wrote this for me and I love it, it’s perfect in every way. Thank you Dan, thank you so much.

The next two are his latest masterpieces.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Listen to his truly touching lyrics, open up your heart and let his music take over every sence in your body,
Enjoy guys,
Much love Rose x