Teenagers, don’t you just love um

Teenagers don’t you just love um!!!!

I was thrown in the deep end when my baby cousin moved in with me back in the summer.
He’s a delight most of the time, he makes me laugh, he looks after Marly-Kate if I’m stuck at the hospital, he cooks every once in a blue moon and he’s company. He reminds me to take my meds and if I’m having a bad day he plays with Marly, either gaming which they both love or a good old kick around in the fields. He most of the time is a pleasure and I mostly don’t get why all parents say the teen years are hell.
Until now……..
Gee that boy has a temper, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and boy don’t I know it. From a mouthful of abuse, too slamming doors and a look that could kill.
All because I offered to lend him some money to fix his motorbike.
He sees no reason, when I try to explain that he will regret cashing in his beloved ps4, which he plays on everyday and loves. ( I think his thinking is, I can use MK’s, nope that is not happening)
The money he has been offered, is hardly anything and his mum will not be happy, I know how hard she saved to buy it for him.
I just don’t get why he won’t take the money from me, I don’t care when he pays me back as long as his bike is safe and I know he will return home in one piece.
Stubbornness is in true form today. I’m shocked at the way he has handled this situation, pig-headed is an understatement.
If he really wants to cash it in, not much I can do, I’ve tried to get him to see reason but what more can I do, I definitely do not want to phone his mum and grass on him, his bags would be packed so fast, his toes wouldn’t touch the floor. I don’t want that for him.
So now I’m stuck in the middle of a stupid argument that isn’t worth anyone’s time and I don’t really know what to do.
I know for sure I will not be picking up his smelly socks from off his bedroom floor and I won’t be cleaning up after him until he can say the simple words, “Rose, I’m sorry I spoke to you that way”
I know he’s a good kid and while his spitting blood through his God damn awful mood, I have to remember that.


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