One response to “Not convinced

  1. it sounds like they dont have any solid conclusions, (slightly misleading title they posted) just some data. without having any of it explained, i suppose the data is interesting.

    a better conclusion for the article to draw is that there is a disparity between whats accepted when gender is known, vs. when its not. the article mentions this, which is a story– but they chose to make the headline out of less established stuff.

    i worry whenever someone starts to peddle the idea that group a does something better than group b. even if its true, individual performance is more relevant to any individual than group performance… studies like this are probably worth doing, but they will surely fuel prejudices as a side effect.

    its good to study the world, but sometimes it leaves a social mess to clean up after. the study of eugenics had such negative effects in policy in the united states right into the 1970s. data matters; though most people have no idea what to do with it although journalists do: milk it for readers and ad dollars.


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