You did good

I have never been a great lover of the Internet, I never uploaded photos, I for sure wouldn’t use internet banking. And forums were a huge no no.
I must admit that I still don’t trust it fully, after hearing stories of hacking and a nifty gadget called a Pineapple. (Now that’s an awesome piece of kit, but a bad one)

Over the last few years, I have had to put my hang ups on the back burner and go against my views on using the Internet for living.
Life throw me a hand that made me have to change.
I live in a sleepy hamlet, in which only has a corner shop, a phone box and a green for the children to play, the nearest city is at least 8 miles away, it’s busy, loud and very pretty. The cathedral is a sight to be seen, a true masterpiece, beauty is in full force here and I now understand why Ross use to talk about this place with fondness.
In the other direction is a cute little town which is also a picture but as most towns are now it’s full of charity shops, hairdressers, nail bars and estate agents, the biggest named shop I guess would have to be New Look. Shops are over priced but for that extra money you get the normal, everyone knows everyone and their business.
Due to the 10 minute drive or train ride to get to anywhere to carry out the everyday shop, I now shop online, something that I haven’t done before. Ok it’s not a match on the real thing, you kinda stick to the same old same old, just because it’s easy and a time saver.

I shop on-line for most things these days, from my addiction to yarn/wool, to clothes, food, home goods, eBay is my best friend, and Amazon is creeping up fast. Wool warehouse is just put on this earth to toy with me and I have to ban myself daily from spending money on there. Yes yes I’m a self-confessed yarn addict. What the hell am I going to do with all that I already have, it’s no way possible to use what I have in 2/3 years, I really don’t need any more.
I totally blame Pinterest for that one.

I have found that forums have become my best time waster, but boy I’m so grateful to them.
The help, advice, and general care that people give has been overwhelming.
It’s nice to know that if you have a question, there are people out there who are willing to give up their time to help, to listen and to give their own views, thoughts, guidance. That is really touching.
YouTube has always been a big part of my life, mainly for music, I’m a sucker for lyrics, and uplifting tunes, yes, they can change your day around.
Music is the best ever soul enlightener.
Internet banking….. Hmmmm that’s a hard one, I have to use it, I couldn’t cope without it, but I do NOT trust it.
But it has to be done.
Websites and Blogs, now this is what I love about having the world at your fingertips. Blogs are the most amazing thing, the knowledge, the ideas, the tutorials, the passion, love and respect, people give up their time to share their wisdom with you. It’s amazing.
We truly have the world’s knowledge in our hands. That’s pretty damn impressive.
I follow a lot I mean a lot of blogs, I spend hours at the hospital just reading and learning from these. In turn opening up my mind to a whole new world, a world full of knowledge, skill and determination. It really is incredible.
It blows me away and when I sit and think about the souls who slug their guts out to give us all the power to sit and read the words of wisdom that appear on our screens, I have so much gratitude for them.
If only we all knew what goes in to every page you open.
The hours and hours of coding, it’s more than incredible so I thank you, each and every one of you that plays a part of this magical Internet.
No they are not geeks, they are highly intelligent people, truly they are. I take my hat off to them.
So thank you from this small town girl to all you coders, designers and serenity Guinness’s .
You did good kid.
Well done all.


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