A huge shout out.

I just have to give a huge shout out to this awesome I mean awesome lady.
Her blog is a daily fix, and has me in stitches, I just love her.
Down to earth,
This list could go on but most of all, she Says it totally how it is. FACT!!!!

There are not many people out there, who stand up to what they believe in or make us see that we are totally not alone in are quest to find a little sanity in our life’s.
Con I take my hat off to you. Respect!!!!
But also Thank you, for lighting up my day. Seriously your blog is fantastic, love it. A total breath of fresh air.

Check it out guys, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



One response to “A huge shout out.

  1. i tried to get a feel of how much i like the site from the blog, then the forums. i found this post, which i will comment on here: http://queensofconstance.com/forums/topic/one-sided-relationships-or-am-i-dating-a-man-child/

    i really admire that theres a diversity of opinions happening there. (not enough of that online) theyre encouraging BOTH fairness to him (if nothing else, grading “on a curve”) and also supporting her desire for more fairness to her. this is really great stuff.

    my own take, from the perspective of a guy whos been in the same situation (as hers) once or twice:

    1. everyone is a hypocrite. i mean yeah, some are really bad about it and actually deserve the name, but i mean “everyone.” (me too, of course.) 2. fairness ultimately means that we recognize that everyone is human/imperfect, and allow *some* of that.

    sometimes, that means someone else gets away with being a bit of a jerk; other times it means its time to be assertive and ask for better treatment. i dont think shes wrong to want a little more fairness in her life, actually. everyone should try to be fair themselves, and also ask for more fairness (2 way street and all) when its necessary. so cheers, to the thoughtful ladies at q.o.c.


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