Growing older

There is something about getting older that changes you, you seem to see things through a different light. Life somehow becomes a lot clearer, more noticeable, more beautiful.
You start to appreciate everything that around you, from the view, the fragrances, the shadows, the light, the people, the books you read, the hobbies you undertake, the friendships, your family.
Friendships seem to be a big change for me, I’ve worked out that it’s better to have fewer friends, than a list of people who are on your social media, that really you know nothing about, you never see them and you wouldn’t go out your way to make plans to go and spend time with them, if we are all honest, they or yourself would only say hi, in the street and move on, that not friendship, well it’s not in my eyes.
Few and far between seems a much better picture, you somehow know that they are the ones you want to spend time with, they are the ones that you will pick the phone up to or randomly message just to make sure they are ok. They are the ones that no matter how long it has been since you last saw them, it only seems like yesterday when you were together. No uncomfortable silence, no word blocks, no uncomfortableness, just contentment and ease.
These are your true friends. The ones that are always there no matter what, the ones that know that we are all getting older but want to share that journey with you. They are the ones that understand that life is hard and that it gets in the way, but no hard feelings arise if you have to cancel or change plans at the last-minute. That to me is what true friendship means.
And that’s one of the good things about adding a number to your year of age, knowing that somehow in that last year or so, you’ve worked out, part of what it means to be honoured to have a few special people in you life.
So as my friends and family toast their glasses to wish me a happy birthday this weekend, I know I’m in the best of company and to me, it makes getting older worthwhile.🎂


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