Flashback Friday

imageWhat a week, a busy trying week, full of ups and downs but I won’t go into this now but I will leave you with a post from the 1st April 2013. We just found out my mum had a brain tumour and it throw our life’s up side down. Sadly we are back there again as it has returned and we are awaiting news on her latest MRI to see how much it has grown.
Life’s very unfair.
Fingers and toes crossed that it hasn’t grown to much.
So I leave you with this…….

Clouds rolling in, but will they make for a beautiful sunset


And the storm clouds coming rolling in
The ice has melted and are causing storms.
Uncontrollable storms that I have no way of understanding or dealing with.
When you open up your heart to one, you sadly let others slip in.
You start to feel and let everything effect you.
Unknown to you, you become a portal for emotion.
What you once dealt with by closing doors and building walls, it is now impossible to do so.
Your feeling and hurting and you lose control of any reasonable thoughts.
Life becomes a bubble of pain, love , hate joy and longing.

And while I am so deeply in love, living in bliss, my world outside of that comes crumbling down around me.
I’m finding it very hard to get my head around my Mum’s news and what will happen in the next few months. If I’m honest I’m scared I will lose her.
I’m scared that my dad will lose his love and I’m scared of everything that could come with it.
And all though I know, this has to be done, and the outcome will be the best one.
I can’t get my head around it right now.
In spite of these feelings I know my mum is a strong lady and she will not let her own fears show.
That she will fight for what she believes in and that is to live.
I guess I should have faith in those feelings as I know that I’m strong and won’t give in when I want something so badly.
After all I am my mothers daughter.


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