This is me

imageBeing vulnerable is not about showing the parts of you that are polished, it’s about revealing the unpolished parts you would rather keep hidden from the world.
It’s about looking out into the world with an honest, open heart and saying,

“This is me”

Take me or leave me.
It’s hard to consciously choose vulnerability. And that’s because the stakes are high.
If you reveal your authentic self, there is the possibility that you will be misunderstood, judged, or even rejected.
The fear of these things is so powerful that you put on an armored mask to protect yourself. But, of course, this only perpetuates the pain you are trying to avoid.
The truth is nothing worthwhile in this world is a safe bet.
Since love and happiness are born out of your willingness to be vulnerable, to be open to something wonderful that could be taken away from you, when you hide from your vulnerability, you automatically hide from everything in life worth attaining.


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