Dance in the rain

Life just became a little less hectic, for how long I don’t know but when Friday rolls around I can jump up and down, scream and dance in the rain, because no more daily trips to the hospital.
That is the greatest feeling but also a huge kick in the teeth.
I have been under going a trail treatment which I was told yesterday that’s it’s not working and that they are stopping treatment and do not know what to do now as they have tried everything, yep that’s a huge blow but boy I’m glad it’s over.
I kinda get my life back, well my time I should really say.
It’s been a hard slog going everyday and feeling like total crap afterwards. The dizziness has been a real hard part, which brought on not only falls in the bath but falls down the stairs.
So where do I go from here ?
I really don’t know, I guess it’s a case of seeing how I feel after a few days of not having this treatment but for now I’m going to enjoy my freedom , enjoy me time where I hopefully will get to clear my head and hopefully visit a dear friend that I really want to see, also maybe a little trip away to recharge my batteries would be nice.
And even though I know this really isn’t good news, for now it really is.
Have a great day guys.
Peace and luv 💗


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