I’m so hurt by people judging me, just because I don’t always look ill, it’s doesn’t mean I’m not. Unless you have these god damn diseases you have no idea how I feel every day, and how hard life really is.
Until you have walked in my shoes, do NOT judge me or pretend to know what I’m going through or how I feel.
Do not assume just because I don’t always look sick that I’m fine. Do not put it down to me having lack of sleep or that I can’t be bothered because that is so wrong, that I would give to be able to do what others find easy and don’t even have to think about.
I’m sick of living in a world that has no compassion or understanding.
People really need to open there eyes, and see the bigger picture, to open their ears and listen but most of to NOT judge what they know nothing about and not to walk out of people’s life’s because they can’t do what every other Tom, Dick and Harry can.
Lupus is a very slow, very painful, invisible death sentence
Rant over!!!

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