Please Mr Postman

I’ve always been a lover of bank holidays, who’s not, an extra day to do as we like, chill, go out, recover from an extra night of giving it large on the dance floor and that dreaded hangover from hell.
Of course I still love them, what’s not to love but……..I made the mistake of making an important order on-line on Saturday morning, knowing I would be able to make a start on a very exciting project on Monday afternoon, forgetting though that it’s a bank holiday.
Now I’m wishing the weekend away knowing I probably won’t get my order until Wednesday at the earliest 🙀
I seem to make this mistake every bank holiday at the moment, but I guess the good thing is it’s given me time to finish a birthday pressie I’ve been making for a friend of mine.
Not bad going I’ve finished two wip’s (work in progress) this week, one I fall in love with and wanted to keep, it’s in its new home now, and loved their so all the hard work, time, expense and care that went into it, was so worth while, even though I did battle with myself over keeping it for myself.
There is not many things I find pride in, I’m hard on myself, I know I can always do better and that thinking is a good thing as well as a bad thing. Yes it makes me want to get better at what ever I’m trying to achieve but it’s hard when you judge yourself at everything I you do. It’s a war you can win, good or bad, it drives me forward and takes my mind off the heartache I feel from the second I wake up.

Who would have thought that I could even make anything or that I would even want to use my time crafting away at endless projects and pressie’s for my nearest and dearest but somehow I love it. And at times I’m even good at it – wow I never thought I would say that, but the two best things about creating a gift for someone, is their faces when they open up their pressie. That alone is worth, the sore hands, the stress of the right colour and placement, worth the hours and hours, weeks even months that it has taken to create a special gift for someone who has stuck by me through thick and thin, through darkness and light. Making someone smile is worth every moment spent.
Secondly, it gives my mind that escape it needs from a shattered heart, from the second I wake, I still feel the pain, the longing, the hurt, the devastation, the LOVE, so crafting/making has been my saving grace, it keeps me from breaking.
Those two thing alone, keep me plodding forward, keeps me learning, keeps me creating and hopefully one day in the future it will help me design my own pattern.
So, Please hurry Mr Postman, I have my mind to blank, in turn hopefully making others days a little bit brighter, a little bit warmer and who knows I may even have a little gift to keep you warm you on your rounds.🌨