Bring it on

So Mr Postman delivered my order and I’m mega pleased with all my goodies, but now nerves have set in and I’m frightened to start my biggest challenge to date, so I just have to put off starting it and wait to see if he brings my naughty second order tomorrow…… I was really naughty and ordered more goodies on Monday morning and hopefully will be here tomorrow, eeeekkkkkk 😀 I will then decide what project to start first. One huge challenge against another huge challenge.

I really now really have to draw my addiction into tow and stop thinking ahead to my next project, I really have enough goodies to last me two or even more years but I just get drawn in to all the beautiful colours and designs that I swear are out there to test me. 😝

I so need more time to sit on my butt and make pretty things but sadly life has a way of getting in the way, somehow though I still find time to shop and aid my addiction to yarn.

I need help lol. 😜

Roll on tomorrow when I think house work can wait and I can get lost in total self-indulgences.
Whoop it’s going to be a good but trying day.
Bring it on. 😃



Life is full of positive experiences. Notice them.
Notice the sun warming your skin, and the smiling faces around you.
Smell the rain, and feel the wind.
Live your life to the fullest potential by reveling in the beauty of these experiences, and letting them inspire you to be the most positive version of you.
Smiling is a healing energy so try to find a reason to smile. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years.
A consistent positive attitude is the cheapest ‘fountain of youth.’ You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s your last day on Earth.

Your mind is the window through which you see the world. The way to make this the happiest day ever is to think, feel, walk, talk, give, and serve like you are the most fortunate person in the whole world.
Open minded,
and open-handed.
Nothing more is needed.

Your life isn’t perfect, who’s is?……but it does have perfect moments, try hard not to let the little things get you down. You’ve got plenty of reasons to look up at the sky and appreciate. So slow down and pause for a moment to stand in awe of the fact that you are alive, and that you have the ability to rediscover life as the miracle it has always been, you just haven’t the time to notice.