imageLife is inherently risky.
There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.
Be as weird as you are.
Don’t be afraid to provoke the status quo.
Maybe some of your ideas are crazy. But crazy ideas are what shake the world.
Crazy ideas make revolutions. So don’t be afraid to be different, and don’t be afraid to break traditions.
Sure, some people will be frustrated and opposed to your weirdness.
Some people might even criticize you. But even if it takes time for them to embrace your ideas, you’re showing them a new way of thinking.
You’re planting a seed in their heads and opening their minds, and you’re opening your own mind too.
The minute you understand that you can be weird and mold life your own way, you allow yourself to shake off the erroneous notion that life is just there, and that you’re just going to exist in it, rather than embrace it, change it, improve it, and truly live it.


A day in history

A Prime Minister resigned. The £ plummeted. The FTSE 100 lost significant ground. But then the £ rallied past February levels, and the FTSE closed on a weekly high 2.4% up on last Friday, its best performance in 4 months. President Obama decided we wouldn’t be at the ‘back of the queue’ after all and that our ‘special relationship’ was still strong. The French President confirmed the Le Touquet agreement would stay in place.
The President of the European Commission stated Brexit negations would be ‘orderly’ and stressed the UK would continue to be a ‘close partner’ of the EU.
A big bank denied reports it would shift 2,000 staff overseas.
The CBI, vehemently anti-Brexit during the referendum campaign, stated British business was resilient and would adapt. Several countries outside the EU stated they wished to begin bi-lateral trade talks with the UK immediately. If this was the predicted apocalypse, well, it was a very British one. It was all over by teatime. Not a bad first day of freedom.

Flashback Friday

imageHappy Independence Day 🇬🇧 and good morning.
Wow what a morning. Wasn’t expecting that result, be it the right or wrong decision, we have just written history and no matter the out come over the next few years, I am proud to be British.
One thing is for sure I have witnessed a lot of passion over the last few days, be it good or negative passion it’s still passion and felt from the heart.
I have my own views here but those I will be keeping to myself as there has been an outbreak of bullying in the last few hours.

Well it’s flashback time again and it seems to be perfect for this day in history.

But before I give you this little flashback, I want to say, stay strong to your beliefs, hold your head up high and be proud of your country and to be British. 🇬🇧
A lot of hate and insults on Public media today. Try to remember that when you hate and insult, you are hurting yourself. It’s not healthy for you or the people around you.
The world is full of limitless possibilities within the realm of your own influence – if you’re in an angry state today, you can choose to make your world happy with actions that you can control, and if that’s a political world, work and change that world in a positive way with positive constructive attitude and actions, if you’re really that passionate. So, don’t forget to keep smiling of which there are a lot of reasons. For one, you woke up today, that is a good enough reason to be happy. There were over 1 million people who did not wake up this morning. Those people have friends and families, be grateful and as happy as you can … this ride doesn’t last forever.

I’m extremely passionate about passion. I’m not sure if I can say that, but I am. I love it when I see someone’s eyes and face light up talking about something they adore.
Everyone needs that ‘something’ whether it’s in the form of a sport, music, science, or in political sense.

I think passion is a fundamental factor in a friendship or a relationship, even if those interests differ.
It’s nice to open up and ramble on about what you like.
It’s even better when the other person pays attention and asks questions even if they don’t care or have a clue what you’re talking about – It shows they care.
You’re showing them what makes you tick.

I love seeing dedication. I love seeing someone driven to succeed or achieve. If you have no interests, it shows.

My time

imageWhen writing the story of your life, don’t let someone else hold the pen. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if the people you love disagree with your dreams.
Live your life so that when it’s time to ask where the time went, you can answer..
It went to joyful moments of self-discovery, to my search for passion, to doing work that felt like play, to standing up for what I believe in, and to exploring this beautiful world with an open heart.
My time went to living my life.

Dear Dad

imageHappy Father’s day to be best dad in the whole wide world!
Thank you so much for everything you have ever done and will continue to do for me.
Thank you for teaching me determination, passion and a hard work ethic.
Thank you for being such a great role model, and showing me how a man should treat a woman by being the most fantastic partner to mum.
Thank you for showing me that even when times are hard that it’s possible to smile through the tears.
Thank you for the times you’ve sat and cried with me, never being ashamed to show your true feelings.
Thank you for all your wise words of wisdom and support.
You have been the best dad a girl could ask for.
Thank you for being you.
So proud to be part of Team Cooper , and so proud to call you my dad!

Flashback Friday

imageThis week I am giving you a flash back to when life was a dream, I was so happy and in love (I still am), I was loved back and I felt totally and completely happy, not just that but whole/complete.

This week I give you a little something I wrote to him, Ross, the love of my life, my one and only.

When we first got in contact with each other I never knew it would end like this
Me being so in love I feel like I don’t exist anymore
All I care about is you
I never knew I would find the best friend I could ask for
That my life meaning would change the way it has.
Over the last year we have gone to hell and back a few times but the good out weigh the bad
The laughs the caring, the loving, the naughtiness
It’s all been a dream
And through your love I have grown and opened up to the most amazing person I’ve ever met.
You have helped me more than you know to get through the hardest scariest times in my love and I will always be grateful for that.
My world, my attitude my views have changed for the better thanks to you
Now I am deeply in love and love that I am
I have given you my heart and soul.
I will forever love you.
Thank you for being you

Monday, Monday, be good to me

imageGood morning it’s that all around dreaded Monday.
But with this new week, we all get a new start in living and bettering ourselves, our life’s, our hearts and our souls.
Let this week be one that we all can begin to do so with just a few tiny steps/goals, a fresh new mindset.

Close your eyes, jump, and enjoy the free fall.
Choose exhilaration over predictability. Choose growth over comfort.
Choose potential over safety.
Wake up to the magic of life.
Discover the beauty of uncertainty. Know yourself fully before you make promises to others.
Make lots of mistakes so that you will know how to discern what you truly need.
Seek knowledge.
Open yourself to possibility.
Keep your heart honest, your head high, and your spirit free.
Embrace your darkness along with your light.
Be wrong every once in a while, and be okay with it.
Awaken to the brilliance in ordinary moments.
Own your reality without apology.
See goodness in the world.
Be Bold.
Be Fierce.
Be grateful.
Be wild, crazy, and gloriously free.
Be you. (There’s no better freedom than the freedom to be yourself.)
Give yourself that gift, and choose to surround yourself with those who appreciate your decision.
Don’t let someone change who you are, to become what they need.
Be you in the beautiful way only you can, to become what you need.
Breathe your passion.

Childhood memories right there. 😝

Just be

imageGood morning, Sunday has arrived, a new week has begun. Have a beautiful one.
Make the best of what happens. More important than what happens to you, is what you make of what happens to you. The more thankful you are, the more beautiful this world appears, and we all know how ugly it can be.
You have to somehow uncover the good in the bad, the happy in your sad, the gain in your pain, and what makes you grateful not hateful.
Forgive your past self.
Sometimes, good people like you make bad choices. It doesn’t mean you’re bad, it means you’re only human.
Forgive yourself for what you think you did or didn’t do, and focus on what you will do starting now.
Spend some time simply being and breathing.
Just be, breathe and dance in the rain until the sun shines again.