Summer time

Wake up it’s a beautiful morning.
How lovely is it to feel the sun on your skin, the cool breeze silently dancing around you, the birds singing, and the sheep barring in the fields around me.
There is just something so magical about summer days.
Good moods sore, until it’s time to sleep anyway, 😝.
I’ve never noticed before but the feeling of warmth is delightful, it even warms your soul somehow.
How can we not notice the beauty of life when spring suddenly feels like summer. The flowers begin to bloom with their smiling faces and the butterflies and bumble bees dance happily around them.
Even watching the clean sheets blowing so gently on the line has its own kind of wonder.
Summer is beautiful and truly magical.
Try and stop for a few minutes and take in the gorgeousness around you, breathe in the fresh air and let life brighten you.
Until next time, enjoy the sun and the wonders it brings.
Have a nice day.