Flashback Friday

imageAnother week has turned to dust, only to live on in our memories.
Boy I’m glad that one is over, sadly though, the memories from this week, I would rather forget. Watching my dad break, my mum pottering around like she has not got a care in the world. The deep conversations and the pain, fear and tears from my family has been damn right emotional. This week has been hard, we have cried, we have been strong, we have felt nearly every emotion possible.
But we are still standing and still determined to fight the good fight and get through this heart-wrenching time.
So I guess this weeks flashback is a little reminder to stay on top, to take one step at a time.
So here you have it “Flashback time…….”


imageA little note to myself which is so much-needed today.

Don’t be ashamed to shed a tear.
To me tears clean the soul so you can once again see the beauty around you.

Being vulnerable only shows that you’re able to face the truth.. even the hard truth.. with dignity and with heart.

Open yourself up. Allow yourself to feel no matter how hard or torturing it may be.

Take down any emotional brick walls you have built around yourself and experience every emotion, both good and bad.
This is real life, you can’t hide from it, you can’t hide from the devastation, the hurt, the pain, the sorrow,the lose, the emptiness.

For what are we if we don’t feel?

We become cold-hearted, lost souls with no heart.
It really is ok to break down once in a while, you won’t be weak because of it.
And even though no amount of tears, pain and heartbreak can fix you or change anything, it’s better than closing down and denying what you feel. (I’ve been doing this a lot lately, not even admitting my true feelings to myself because the emotional pain is to great, to intense, to good damn painful.)

Your emotions are part of you, they are you.


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