Even if I’m not

imageHe’s still my best friend.
He’s still the beating of my heart.
He’s still the blood pumping through my veins.
He’s still my light at the end of the ever so dark tunnel.
He’s still my stars in the sky.
He’s still the moon light flickering on the shore line.
He’s still my favourite cup of coffee.
He’s still the love of my life.
He’s still my heart, my soul, my whole being.
He’s still the air I breathe.
He’s still my first and last thought of every day.
He still consumes every inch of me.
He’s still the light the empowers me
He’s still the warmth from the sun.
He’s still my dreams.
He’s still my hope.
He’s still my everything.
He’s still my one and only
Even if I’m not his.


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