Flashback Friday

imageIt’s that time again, that I look back on past blogs and share the memories but also share a little of my week.
Well this one has been a funny old week, a roller coasters of emotions. Highs, lows, determination, anger (at myself), reminiscing, hope, just to name a few.
This week I put myself in a position that could have let a lot of people down. I photographed a wedding for the first time in a long, long time. Boy it was hard work, but I really couldn’t be prouder of myself for getting out there and doing it, against my better judgement. I think I pulled it off and got some crackers.
Mainly though this week, memories have been the biggest player (see last blog), today for sure is one of those days as its my favourite cousins birthday. We lost her last year to cancer . 😢
She was like a big sister to me as we grow up, and my sister Jane and I wanted so badly to be like her. It’s funny how kids always want to be like someone, now I just want to be me, with no judgement.
Anyway let’s get going with this weeks flashback, which was one of my very first blogs.
This one is kinda special as it’s all about my sister.
Enjoy and hopefully I’ll see you back here soon.
Take care, smile and laugh your weekend away.

A silent grief.
I remember holding hands and skipping along the road, singing our childhood songs, siting on the stones by the old pier watching the waves crash against the shore.
Making wishes on the first star we saw.
How sweet and innocent we were back then, thinking we had all the time we needed, that life was endless and we would go on forever.
I remember you being scared at the thunder storms and you running in and jumping in bed with me, snuggling in as tight as you could.
I would tell you story’s of princess’s, castle, fairies and brave knights that would whisk you off you feet.
Our dream world was perfect and as long as we had each other, the monsters could not get us.
From teddy bear tea party’s to climbing trees, our adventures were wonderful and as we grow, our bond and friendship became our strength, our hope and our understanding.
Now for what ever reason your to good for this world and I’ve lost you, in doing so I lost apart of my soul, but I hold on to our memories and pray that you are safe and looking down on me, looking out for me.
The love that we shared will always be with me and as my silent tears fall as I think of you my baby sister, I smile at the joy and pleasure your brought to my life.
And I will not cry any more because one day, when I’m wise and old I will see you again and we can sing like children, make wishes upon stars and hold hands like we did before but this time it will be extra perfect because we will never need to be parted in sorrow again.
I miss you, love you, my dear sister.
Watch over me ❤


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