Many moons from now.

imageLife’s dynamic nature continually renews the possibilities before you…. you honestly never can be certain when the next gust of wind will arrive and what it will blow in your direction.
Open yourself to these surprises and pay attention.
Many of them will bring goodness you never knew you were missing.

One day, many moons from now, you will find yourself close to the end, and thinking about the beginning.

Today is that beginning. Today is life. You’ve got to live it.

Live for what’s right.
Live for what you believe in.
Live for what’s important to you.
Live for the people you love, and never forget to tell them how much they mean to you. (trust me, it’s so much worse not being able to, I long to tell him I love him, I truly, deeply, endlessly love him, don’t leave it to late, for it will forever eat away at you, destroying you, inch by inch.)
Realise that today you’re lucky because you still have a chance. So stop for a moment and think. Really think, feel what’s deep within your soul and bring it back to life, not for anyone else, for you and only you. Your heart and soul knows the real mean, while you brain likes to trick you. So listen to your soul and follow that heart.


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