Flashback Friday

imageTime is flying by, can’t believe we are heading towards the middle of August already.
Another Friday has come and another week is nearly over and what a strange week it has been.
It’s been a week of pain and feeling really under the weather. But I’ve somehow got through.šŸ¤’
One thing I’ve realised is my short-term memory is shocking. I’ve forgotten to take my meds a good few times this week, mainly due to my Fitbit not charging which I had set all my alarms to take different medicines at the right times. Feeling really lost without it.
Secondly down to not having a set routine in the mornings with no school runs to do life is a little slower and relaxed, I really need to get my self sorted because flare days kick me for six especially were I won’t give in and stay in bed.

A few major things have happened this week.
The scaffolding finally went up and work on my house starts next week I believe. (Fingers crossed)
My baby cousin who has lived with me while he was at college and before he signs up for the army got himself a full-time job and I really couldn’t be prouder. šŸ˜„
It’s his first day today, which started at 6am this morning. Bless him he had to leave here at 5.30am. He sure did look sorry for himself. He’s a little trooper and hard worker so I know he will be fine. Going to miss his ugly mug around the place though.šŸ˜ž

So let me get to it, its flash back time and as I’ve felt so poorly this weekend I thought I would share a post that I wrote about living with lupus but not just lupus, about all invisible illnesses. I’m not really sure if I ended up posting it on here or not, I know I meant to.
So here goes ……..

Life – isn’t it meant to be lived to the full???
So what happens when it is taken away from you, when everything you have ever known changes and you start losing the person who you really are.
What do you do, when every aspect of your life is controlled by your health, the weather and the people around you???
What do you do, when you can see your life, your soul, your spirit, your passion, your goals, your dreams disappear in front of your eyes???
What do you do, when your body is so against you, it fights you every single second of every day???
What do you do, when you have no energy to get out of bed, get dressed, carry out a normal day??? When you are too exhausted to even put the right words together, making you sound when you talk that you are from another planet???
When your memory fails you on a daily basis, because the medicine you have to take daily starts to destroy your mind, your sanity, your spirit???
What do you do, when the light hurts your eyes, and sound makes you hurt, shake, panic and twitch, making you have no control of your body???
What do you do, when your body feels like you have no air in your lungs, no matter how hard you try you just can’t draw enough air into you???
What do you do, when the panic takes over and you have no energy to fight it anymore???
What happens when you try to live a normal life, like trying to walk around a shop but the pain and exhaustion cripples you, making every step incredible painful??? Is it easier to give in and sit in the wheelchair and get the look of pity from everyone that notices you???
What do you do, when every step you take feels like you are walking through sinking sand or you’re trying to escape drowning???
What do you do, when people only think that you have cold hands and feet and think you are lazy because you can’t do things as fast as you use to and sit down every few minutes???
What do you do when the slightest human touch, makes fear run through you, swallows your air, and sends pain through your veins???
Not just human touch but clothes make you ache, sore and feel that you are suffocating.

What do you do???

Do you give in and waste your day in bed? Or do you do your best to carry on, not giving in to the invisible illness that is taking over you???
Or do you try to educate others by bearing you soul???

This holds my answer!!!!