Flashback Friday

imageHave you got that Friday feeling?
Where o where has the week gone?

My week has been a strange one, school battles every morning which drain me sadly, blood tests, work, moving furniture around in my baby cousins bedroom which even though it was hard work turned out to be a rather awesome day. Two birthdays this week, a meal out and a little get together last night at which, I made a rash decision to go on a road trip last night as I just couldn’t face another morning of tears at the school run, a few phone calls later and we jumped in the car the off we went, I know, I know I’m a naughty mum but it’s only a few days off school but it’s also a few days of happiness for my Marly-Kate, that smile just seems to make everything better.
So either week older, maybe even wiser, and once again it’s time to reflect on old blog posts.
So I will say toodaloo , have an awesome weekend, stay safe, stay merry and I’ll leave you with………


I’ve cried so much over the last few months, I swear my tears have dried up. I just can’t cry anymore. I’m now just numb and can’t shed a tear no matter how hard I want to.
I’m a firm believer that crying helps, it has to or why do we do it?

After a very fast google with not much joy I really can’t find an answer to why I just can’t cry.

It reminds me of, the film ” The Holiday”
I love that film, think its my number one favourite movie but Ross and I watched it a fair few times together to now it’s impossible to watch 😦
Maybe it holds the key to the tears.
Maybe it’s what I need to cry, but then I will be replacing wonderful memories with tears. And right now I don’t want and can’t do that.
I love our memories.


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