Just a little

img_3692Just a little update from Fridays flashback post.
Well we decided to take a little trip while Marly-Kate recovers and I try to shift this mother of all headaches.
As normal peace consumes while I relax by the open fire, read, craft and watch endless box sets. It really is what the doctor ordered but as always something is missing.
Marly-Kate is doing the norm and not letting her health keep her down, but she is being very sensible with it and knows her own limits. She is happy just being here surrounded by green fields, animals and her second favourite person in the world, who hangs of her every word.
If she’s happy, than I’m more than happy.
It so peaceful, the one place I can listen to my thoughts, I mean really listen, I can let myself learn all about what my heart and soul are telling me.
There is something very special about that.
It’s pretty busy here, people living there life’s, not just to survive, really living.
Having that round me reminds me that finally there is a place I could call my second home because I never had a place which truly felt I was at home, until I was with the love of my life.
He was home. 🏡
My comfort, my warmth, my ease, my security, my happiness, my sunlight, my moons and my stars ✨ . Everything I mean every tiny thing that matters, all rolled into one.
I guess this is the second best thing which is kinda awesome because I like it here. I guess you can call it my run away but I will call it my home from home 🏡

Sadly though it’s not all such positive news.
My great-aunt has found peace and is now flying with my angel 😇
At lease she is at peace now and reunited with her one true love, her soul mate, her everything. Now that’s got to be worth it, right ?


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