Flashback Friday

img_3731It’s Friday.
While others get ready to finish their working week, I’m sat in the sun, taking in the cent of the bonfire, listening to the flowing steam and watching as the dragonflies dance.
It’s such a beautiful day. I’m happy just watching the world go by.
It’s been a chilled week and I’m starting to feel my energy levels return slowly, my head aches less which really couldn’t come fast enough.
Yesterday was a little harder than most, being my beautiful cousins anniversary. I can not believe it’s a year already. She is missed so deeply.
Everything seemed to remind me of her yesterday, which pulled on my heart.
I’m watching a box set at the moment which gets better and better by the day. Yesterday though was a storyline of cancer and in true honesty it made me weep, which couldn’t have come at a better time as I feel so much lighter today. Tears really can be a good thing and will I do not let myself cry normally, it was a welcome release.
Somehow though tears always start out over one thing but soon every possible emotion comes into play and I end up breaking my heart over the two things that have shattered my heart and soul. When those tears come it’s not always easy to stop and compose myself.
But all in all, I needed it more than I knew.
Life is so very cruel but I know it also can be beautiful.

So the time has come to rewind time and look back at older blog posts.
And here you have it………

Notice once again.

As the days are drawing in I can’t help but notice the beauty of the changing seasons.
Colour is every where, the trees are a light with the flames of Autumn, change is in the air as the breeze helps the crisp leaves dance as they fall.
There really is something magical about the way they dance and spin to the ground.
Somehow it just calms me and opens my soul to the delights of living.
As I feel my temperature drop, I can’t help but just sit a little while longer and take in the calmness of nature, the joy of my puppy and my little girl with her glowing cheeks, chasing the multi coloured blanket of fire, that spirals around their ankles.
With all the misery that’s in our world, how can something so simply delightful be over looked.
With the warm summer days far from mind and
my favourite season waiting just out of reach, I find an inner peace knowing that no matter how ugly the world is right now, if you just stop for a moment, breath and look around you, you will see that not everything is ugly with this world, you just need to pause and notice once more that the magic of life is all around us, dancing, floating, shimmering. We just need to once again notice.


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