Flashback Friday

img_3830Whoop, whoop, it’s Friday.
Another week over, a rather manic one. Life definitely seems to be on fast forward right now, I’m exhausted and badly in need of a dvd day. Fingers crossed one comes soon.

So what have I been up to this week, well I had a pretty awesome weekend with friends, but it meant I had to push myself harder than normal to keep up with them. I battled against the pain and won. I managed to have a walk on the moors and better still a trip to the sea. How I miss the sea.
I even went shopping, not once but a few times. It’s been a long while since I have done that.
It was a case of putting on a brave face, holding back the tears when the pain took hold and you know what, I’m pretty damn proud of my self. All in all my weekend was a huge achievement.
My whole week has been manic and I have had to push past my pain boundaries constantly, which deep down in side I know I shouldn’t be doing. (I’m sure I’m going to pay for it soon.)
On top of all the craziness, we also had to lay my great-aunt to rest.
It was very emotional but also beautiful.
What a life she had, all spent with her one true love, her soul mate.
She was one lucky lady.
Bless her soul.

So let me get to it and turn back the hands of time to a post that I wrote on this day a few years ago.

Nothing on you.
Waking up and looking across the moors is beautiful.
The sky this morning was a wash of colour. It gives you a sense of calm and peace, and as I rolled over to say to Ross, ” baby look at that view”
He wasn’t there, he’s never there

God I wish he was, I wish when I wake his arm would be holding me close, that I could breath in his delightful smell and feel his body against mine.
To look into his eyes and tell him I love him.
That would be better than any view.
He is the perfect view.
He is the world.


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