Flashback Friday

img_3904The clock hands have been ticking, spinning around just like life does to many. I find my self another week older, maybe even wiser, definitely more humble and grateful for life’s little wonders and even though it’s been a long week, we somehow all made it through.
The weekend is upon us and freedom dances in the shadows. Winter has taken hold and beauty flickers in the crisp frozen mornings and the clear cold star lit nights.
How I love those cold, magical winter mornings, that let you see all different kinds of magic, as the day twinkle’s to life.
As I sit snuggled in my pj’s, under an ever so cosy blanket and watch the most enchanting series, which has me glued to the sofa, my mind is alight with imagination of how my life would have been all those years ago.
If only time machines existed, I would definitely roll back the hands of time and relive history.
History to me, is absolutely fascinating but while I lose myself in my own imagination, I know that mine is written in these pages and that is pretty special.
So as today is fastly becoming yesterday while the hands of time stop for no one, I best share with you a page of my own book of life and share a memory, it’s flashback Friday after all……

I have had the great honour of having a wonderful energy bought into my life and I wanted to thank her for being as special and wonderful as she is.
Friends are easy to come by but the true loving ones are hard to come by and when you find someone who you find to be an amazing, caring , a loving one, I think you are very lucky.
She has given me more hope, love and friendship than even my family and I class her as one of mine, she stands on higher ground than most of them.
I know I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her listening ear and her heart.
Her words have pulled me through the darkest days and I owe her my life in many ways.
What makes her even more special is she stood by our friendship when she could have shut me out when others did.
So I want to thank you for not giving up on me, for putting up with my tears and my broken heart and for being more than a friend and family.
You are one amazing person and I luv you loads.
I hope that our friendship never loses what it has and grows through out the years.
Thank you, thank you so much for being you and being there.


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