How they would laugh

img_3905I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I love history.
Well of late that interest has returned to me with full force. It really couldn’t have come at a better time, my mind has been a light with pain and grief and to be totally honest I’m a little lost soul, disconnected even.
I need something to focus on as my normal hobby is proving a little too much to manage while I’m in a bad flare. This flare up has beat me sideways giving me too much alone time to let my mind flow, with no rest. That really isn’t a good thing, I’ve always kept myself busy when grief and life take hold. I’ve battled too hard and for too long and the small cracks of exhaustion shock until they became huge holes that sent Lupus into full force, sadly though that means I have to sit and chill, that’s not me, I’m not one for sitting unless I’m in total contentment, and then it was the easiest thing on earth. I smile as I write these words, remembering the year that I felt so content that I could let the days slip away doing not much but love the company I was it. That year was just so incredible and I long to feel that free, that happy, that whole, that complete.
Sorry I’ve gone off track but boy it felt good remembering the most important and incredible feelings.
So back to it, history has always been a passion, I think it goes back to not knowing my roots, a childhood of wondering who I had come from, what was my blood fathers family stories. I still know very little about my dads lifeline but I have researched a get deal, dating back to the 1500s on my mum’s side.
This has added to the passion, I feel I need to understand how these people lived, their hardships, their battles, their loves and theirs lost.
I’ve learnt some incredible facts, stories and rumours but I’ve also learnt that life for us is so simple. What we class as hard work, really isn’t. Our lost ones, would laugh at us when we roll in exhausted from a hard days work.
Anyway so lately I have been watching a few different tv series all about different historical events and times, one being “The Tudors” which I must say was pretty damn shocking, what cruel people they were but I’m intrigued to know more as the most famous of my ancestors has links to Queen Elizabeth the first.
One day I will share his story but for now I can not concentrate long enough to remember all facts or to double-check the research I’ve done and the stories I’ve uncovered.
Until then, I can imagine that I’m sailing the high seas, with Rum, gunpowder and that famous black patch over one eye.
Farewell me hearties, until next time.


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