Just a short while

There was a time that I would not put any medicine in my body and now I swear I rattle.
I often think that they are pointless, as I never feel great but I have learnt a hard lesson today.
I had one of the worse nights sleeps last night and decided that instead of tossing and turning I would get up and crack on with housework and it may give me a chance get some important pressie’s made.
After many cups of coffee and Marly out for the day with DJ. I sit and begin my own creation for Boxing Day pressie’s. I have 5 to make and thought that I would steam through it while I have the most amazing series playing around on the tv. (Best I’ve ever seen)
I get half way through one and a sudden wave of unease comes across me, which grow extremely worse throughout the day. With not even one pressie made, I’m having hot and cold sweats, my whole body aches from head to toe, my head is pondering and I have this weird feeling, which I just can’t explain, I just know it’s very unpleasant and growing more so.
About 10 minutes ago, it clicked, I had forgotten my medicines and I guess I got the answer that they really do help, to make life easier.
A mouthful of morphine and my meds now taken, I’m sat here praying that the morphine will kick in and I try to take my mind of this awful feeling, crippling pain, blacking of my hands, toes and legs as the blood vassals just can’t open without the help of Viagra (I never thought I would be taking that three times a day, lol) as I write it out here. I so wish that I could just step out of this body for just a short while, but I know I wouldn’t be forgetting the meds anytime soon.


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