I’m ashamed

img_4132I am ashamed to be human.
We come along lay our tarmac roads to drive our polluting motor machines, we build our brick houses with our perfect lawns, place poisons of all sorts to keep bugs and grubs away.
We’re not happy with that so we cut down any trees near our brick-built homes because birds sit in them and shit on our perfect lawns.

And now the in thing seems to be trapping urban foxes and chopping off their tails and mutilating their cubs.
Yes, you let the fox go, I hear you cry but it dies a slow long lingering death.

Please just for one second think what was here first, your perfect lawn or the wild animals?

We are so bloody superior and intelligent that we destroy everything and anything to have our perfect life, and for what? To end up in a hole in the ground or an incinerator!!!

Please, please, please, for once realise you share this planet which is not ours, we don’t own it, but we share it with every living thing from a slug to an elephant.
Us humans have harmed this planet and it’s life more than any other species ever has!!!

HUMAN – destructive, greedy, selfish, cruel, barbaric.


3 responses to “I’m ashamed

      • youre very, very welcome. i wondered if you had ignored it or never found it. i hope you got something from it.

        weve got major problems as a culture right now, with serious implications for our species. despite all the furor about trump, we already had these problems– theyre very big– and its going to take a lot more thinking (on everyones part) to fix them. youd like quinns books, i think. ishmael and my ishmael in particular. but if you dont read those, at least pick up a copy of “beyond civilization” at the library. of the top books ive ever read, i can still count that one on one hand– and it just happens to be less than 1/2 an inch thick.


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