Flashback Friday

img_4198It’s Friday, whoop, whoop.
Time to get your grove on and set yourself free from the rat race we call the working week.
Well this week has been a mother of all weeks.
Hospital, doctors, physiotherapist, gut wrenching news about my baby cous, who I adore and see as one of my own, but also great news about him to, he got his first full-time dream job and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He’s come so far since his heart got broken and he’s fighting back at the world, my heart is so full of pride right now.
Mostly it’s been an extremely stressful, testing week and I will be glad when it’s over.

One good thing is the doctor I saw this week is my childhood doctor and he’s so flipping funny, my 10 minute appointment turned into just short of an hour, we just sat and chatted about life and how quickly it changed, I taught him a few things about my condition that he didn’t know, which did make us giggle. He taught me a few things also and was very calming when I asked him questions about my baby cous.
He really has to be the best doctor out there. I have no faith in doctors, but he is different, he’s one of the good guys.

So it’s Friday and that means it’s flashback time.
I know, I know I promised to do a certain post today, but if I’m truthful, it is just not the right time to go into my hopes, dreams, goals etc, etc but please bare with me, hopefully when Tuesday is out the way, my head can be else where and I can share with you what I plan to.
I’m going to stop waffling on and roll back the pages to January 19 2014, it’s short and sweet, but hits the nail on the head.

Broken dreams.

Trying so hard to have faith in this …….
Broken dreams are not the end of the road.
They are the beginning of new dreams and a new direction in life.
You just need to be strong enough to take the first step.


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