No more goodbyes

img_4215There comes a time in life when the one certainty in life comes running at you at full speed, no matter how much you try to out run it, death has other plans and is snapping at your heels.
There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no escape just the knowledge that it will all soon be over.
But you know what, death no matter how it’s chasing, no matter how scared it makes you feel, isn’t really death at all.
It may claim your body and soul, but the most beautiful thing is, it can never really take you.
We all live on, through others, through their thoughts, their tears, their memories, through their conversations, their dreams, their photo albums but most of all their hearts.
Death is kind of a beautiful thing.
It gives others the tool of appreciation.
Every memory, every moment, every feeling, enlightens you with the most precious gift.
Death isn’t the end!
It’s just the beginning of different roads walked on by others for you.
So when your scared to say, your “good byes”, your ” I love yous”, just remember it’s not good-bye at all, memories live on forever.


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